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Dental College and Hospital, Navi Mumbai

Students' Programs

1st Year MDS Orientation program : 30/06/2018

1st Year MDS Orientation program : 30/06/2018

An orientation program for the First year Post graduate students was scheduled on 30/06/2018

Clinic Orientation Ceremony

Clinic Orientation Ceremony

A Clinic Orientation Ceremony for the 3rd year, 1st term students, was scheduled on 09/07/2018, from 9.30am onwards in lecture hall no. 1 on 2nd floor.

The ceremony was followed by preparatory lectures on

  1. Infection control by Dr. Rahul Rao
  2. Biomedical waste by Dr. Abhinav Hire
  3. Documentation and record keeping by Dr. Aarti Bedia
  4. Patient communication by Dr. V. Sreenivasan (Principal)

All HODs /department in-charges, and teaching staff were invited to attend the program.

Program Schedule:

  • 9.30am: Welcome Address
  • 9.40am: Principal’s address and orientation
  • 10am: Preparatory lectures
  • 11am: Oath taking ceremony

Independence Day quiz : 15th August 2018

Independence Day quiz : 15th August 2018

Independence Day was celebrated by organising quiz for the UG students on 15th August 2018. A sense of patriotism engulfed the students after knowing some unknown facts about our freedom fighters.

The winners of the quiz were given certificates by Dr.V.Sreenivasan, Principal and HODs of Department.

World photography day : 20th August 2018

World photography day : 20th August 2018

World photography day was celebrated on 20th August 2018 by public health department under the guidance of Dr.V.Sreenivasan, Principal and Dr.Suyog Sawant, Head, PHD. On this occasion a photography contest was organised for students. The theme of the competition was "Intraoral Photography". The incharges of the competition were Dr.Smita Bodhalkar and Dr.Sangeeta Sharma.

The participants were allowed to used either DSLR camera or Mobile phone (2 categories). They had to take max 2 pictures in 2 different views.

Congratulations to The winners

  • 1st - Dr.Gunjun Daphale
  • Runner-up - Dr.Aparna Bapu
  • 1st - Dr. Neha Darekar
  • Runner-up Dr.Gauri Nayak

Student Exchange Programme

Student exchange programme

Student exchange programme was carried out in the Department of Periodontology from

Four Post graduate students from A B Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences, Derlakatte, Mangaluru, Karnataka attended 4 days of academic and clinical postings in department. they attended the PG seminars, assisted Surgeries and attended lectures during their visit.

They also exchanged their routine details with the department.

Anti-Ragging Workshop

Anti-Ragging Workshop Report

Anti-Ragging Workshop by DCI member, Dr. Sandesh Mayekar : Workshop Report

Anti-Ragging Workshop was organized by the Anti-Ragging Committee on 14th November 2018, in lecture hall no.1, on the second floor of Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College and Hospital, Navi Mumbai.

The program started at 9.15am, by Dr. Prakash Talreja’s welcome and introductory message.

This was followed felicitation of the Guest Speaker Dr. Sandesh Mayekar by Director of Bharati Vidyapeeth, Navi Mumbai Campus, Dr. Vilasrao Kadam and introduction of the guest speaker by Principal, Dr. V. Sreenivasan.

The workshop proceeded further, by lecture of Dr. Sandesh Mayekar on Anti- Ragging awareness, its ill effects and ways and means to curb its menace.

Following this all the dignitaries – Director of Bharati Vidyapeeth, Navi Mumbai Campus: Dr. Vilasrao Kadam, Principal: Dr. V. Sreenivasan, Anti-Ragging Committee Co-ordinator: Dr. Ashish Jain and Social Worker: M/s BeenaGogri were felicitated.

The Program was attended by teaching faculty, first year students and their parents.

The Program ended at 10.30am by vote of thanks by Dr. Prakash Talreja.

The Program ended at 10.30am by vote of thanks by Dr. Prakash Talreja.

Welcome and Introductory speech by Dr. Prakash Talreja

The Dignitaries

Welcoming the Guest Speaker Dr. Sandesh Mayekar

Principal Dr. V Sreenivasan introducing the Guest Speaker

Lecture by Dr. Sandesh Mayekar

Felicitation of Anti Ragging Committee Co-ordinator, Dr. Ashish Jain

The attendees which included staff, students and parents

SCI-FI Intercollegiate Knowledge Network : 16th-17th January, 2019

SCI-FI Intercollegiate Knowledge Network : 16th-17th January, 2019

Report : "Sci-Fi : intercollegiate scientific convention"

  • Date : 16th - 17th January, 2019
  • Time : 8am - 4 pm
  • Venue : Bharati Vidyapeeth dental college and hospital , Navi Mumbai
  • No. Of registrations : 250


  1. Sci Fi : the intercollegiate scientific convention was a two day intercollegiate scientific event that involved paper presentations , poster presentations , table clinics and guests lecture for both undergraduates and postgraduates.
  2. Around 250 students (both ugs and pgs) participated in the convention.
  3. Chief Guest : Dr. Ashok Dhoble, Hon General Secretary, Indian Dental Association.
  4. Guest lectures :
    • A) Dr. Mukul Upadhyay
    • MDS : Oral and maxillofacial surgery
    • Topic : simplifying third molar surgery for general practitioners

    • B) Dr. Yusuf Chunnawala
    • MDS : Pediatric dentistry
    • Topic : Fresh Breathe Clinic

    • C) Dr. Harsh Vyas
    • MDS : pediatric dentistry
    • Topic : current protocol of management of immature apex

    • D) Dr. Mithali Amin
    • MDS : pediatric dentistry
    • Topic : BDS to DDS

Registeration kits were provided to all the participants along with breakfast and lunch.

Sports Week : 28th Jan to 2nd Feb 2019

Sports Week : 28th January to 2nd February 2019

The Annual sports week was organised under the guidance of Dr.V.Sreenivasan,Principal and Dr.Sneh Agrawal Sports coordinator from 28th February to 3rd March 2019.

The sports week kickstarted with the inauguration ceremony which included lightning of Lamp and speeches by the Principal and Sports coordinator. The ceremony was followed by Students March past which was headed by the college General secretary Preeti Bhogle. The students had a colour coordinated uniform according to their respective year and were headed by their respective Class Representative.

Inaugural games were organised for staff and students to encourage healthy participation during the week. The scheduling of sports week was done by the the students sports Representative Tanisha Palvia and her team

Various sports organised during the week were:

  • Cricket
  • Box cricket
  • Badminton
  • Table tennis
  • Chess
  • Volleyball
  • Throw ball
  • Carrom
  • Football
  • Running race
  • Tug of war

Sports Winners


1) Football 

Boys - 1st prize - interns 

            - 2nd prize - post graduates 


Girls - 1st prize - interns 

         - 2nd prize - Third year 


2) Throwball

Girls - 1st prize - interns 

         - 2nd prize - Post graduates 


3) Box Cricket 

Boys - 1st prize - Staff

          - 2nd prize - Final year 


Girls - 1st prize - post graduates 

         -  2nd prize - interns


4) Overarm Cricket 

Boys - 1st prize - Non teaching staff

          - 2nd prize - Final year 


5) Tug of war 

Girls - 1st prize - First year 

         - 2nd prize - Post graduates 


6) Badminton 

Boys Singles 

1st prize - Anand Rai Kamath - Final year

2nd prize - Abhijeet Gupta - Final year 


Girls Singles 

1st prize - Nidhi Shinde - Final year

2nd prize - Teertha Prasad - First year


Boys doubles

1st prize - Anand rai Kamath and Abhijeet Gupta - Final year 

2nd prize - Sanket Narkar and Jignesh panda - interns


Girls doubles 

1st prize - Nidhi shinde and Rashmi Sahasrabudhi - Final year 

2nd prize - Teertha Prasad and Aarya Panhalkar - First year 


Mixed doubles 

1st prize - Abhijeet Gupta and Nidhi Shinde - Final year 

2nd prize - Anand rai Kamath and Rashmi Sahasrabudhi - Final year 


7)Table tennis

Boys singles 

1st prize - Dr. Sneh Aggarwal - Staff

2nd prize - Jignesh panda - intern


Girls singles - 

1st prize - Naomi Korkhau - interns 

2nd prize - Dr Rupali Shah - post graduates


Boys Doubles -

1st prize - Jignesh panda and pratik gundu - interns

2nd prize - Dr.Joel Devraj and Dr Manal Gupte - Postgraduates


Girls Doubles -

1st Prize - Dr. Mrunmayee Math and Dr. Rupali Shah - post graduates 

2nd Prize - Gayatri Mahajan and Naomi Korkahu - Interns 


Mixed Doubles 

1st Prize - Dr. Joel Devraj and Dr. Mrunmayee Math - post graduates 

2nd Prize - Pratik Gundu and Naomi Korkahu - interns 



Boys singles 

1st Prize - Dr. Kiran Deshpande - staff

2nd prize - Gaurav Illal - Interns 


Girls singles 

1st prize - Naomi Korkhau - Intern

2nd prize - Vaishnavi Indap - Third year 


Boys doubles 

1st prize - Abhishek More and Sanket Narkar - Interns 

2nd prize - Gaurav Illal and Vipul Lodha - Interns


Girls doubles 

1st prize - Naomi Korkhau and Daya Shetye - Interns 

2nd prize - Oneza Mhate and Pranali Gorule - Interns


Mixed doubles 

1st prize - Naomi Korkhau and Gaurav Illal - Interns

2nd prize - Vipul Lodha and Daya Shetye - Interns


9) Chess 


1st Prize - Adarsh Singh - Interns 

2nd Prize - Jignesh Panda - Interns 



1st Prize - Dr Garima - postgraduates

2nd Prize - Himna Shaikh - First year 


Martyrs Day : 30th January 2019

Martyrs Day : 30th January 2019

Martyrs day was observed on 30th January 2019 in the college campus. Everyone were instructed to a observe 2 minute silence from 11:00am to 11:02 am.

Martyrs' Day (India), is observed on January 30, the anniversary of the assassination of Mohandas Gandhi in 1948. The date was chosen as it marks the assassination of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in 1948, by Nathuram Godse. On Martyr’s Day the president, the vice president, the prime minister, the defence minister, and the three Service Chiefs gather at the samadhi at Raj Ghat memorial and lay wreaths decorated with multi-colour flowers. The armed forces personnel blow bugles sounding the Last Post. The inter-services contingent reverse arms as a mark of respect. A two-minute silence in memory of Indian martyrs is observed throughout the country at 11 AM. Participants hold all-religion prayers and sing tributes.

Alumni Meet : 1st February 2019

Alumni Meet : 1st February 2019

The alumni meet was organized on 1st February 2019.

Cultural Week 4th-8th February 2019

Cultural Week 4th-8th February 2019

Cultural week commenced on 4th of February 2019. The inaugural ceremony was kickstarted with lightning of Lamp by Respected Principal Dr.V.Sreenivasan, HODs and Cultural coordinator. A flash mob inaugural dance was organised by the organising intern batch.

The students were divided into 6 teams according to the years. The 1,2,3,4th years BDS ,the interns and PGs. The competition were among these 6 teams in every event.

The first event of the cultural week was solo dance competition. 2 UG Students and 2 PG students from all years and faculty participated in the dance competition. The competition were judged by Teaching staff.

The second day of cultural week witnessed Minute to Win it, MasterChef, Mehendi competition and Face painting. 6 teams participated in minute to win it where different tasks were given which had to be completed in a minute. The team which completed the task in minimum time was the winner.

MasterChef saw some amazing cuisines prepared by the students. The theme was birds nest. The food prepared should resemble birds nest.

Mehendi and face painting too saw some some amazing talent amongst the students.

Master Chef Competition

Face Painting Competition

Mehendi Competition

Antakshari Competition and Dumbcharades Competition

The third day events were Antakshari and dumbcharades. A beautiful medley of songs followed by some quiz rounds related to music were the highlight of the day. Similarly acting skills of the students were seen in dumbcharades where you have to act a given movie name without saying it.

The fourth day events were quiz, makeup and canvas painting, Solo singing and Fashion Show. Quiz comprised of different rounds pertaining to GK, bollywood, politics, geography, world etc. The theme for the makeup competition was Retro. The theme for the canvas competition was Seasons of India. The theme for Fashion show was Bridal.

Canvas painting Competition

Makeup Competition

Solo Singing Competition

Fashion Show

Rangoli competition

The last and final day of the cultural week had the Rangoli competition. The theme was ”No to Terrorism”.

Annual Day

The Annual Day was celebrated on 8th of February 2018 at occasion banquet , Kharghar in the evening. Inaugural ceremony was followed by group dance competition. Few solo singing performance by the participants were the highlight of the night. The cultural week was ended with gala dinner for the entire Teaching,Non teaching staff and students of the college.


Cultural Event Winners : 4th Febrauary to 8th February 2019

1) Scavenger hunt 

1st Prize - Interns

2nd Prize - Post graduates


2) Minute to Win It

1st Prize - Third year

2nd Prize - Interns 


3) Masterchef

1st Prize - Interns 

2nd Prize - Final year 


4) Face painting

1st prize - Pallavi Bagde - First year 

1st prize - Shifa Chunawala - Second Year 

2nd Prize - Srishti Shrivastava - First year 

2nd Prize - Dr. Shilpa - post graduate


5) Mehendi 

1st Prize - Himna Shaikh - First year 

2nd Prize - Tasmiya Khan - Interns 

2nd Prize - Sana - Second Year 


6) Solo Dance 

1st Prize - Rashmi Sahasrabuddhe - Final year 

2nd Prize -Dr Malvika - Post graduate

2nd Prize - Sukhdeep Kaur - Final year 


7) Dumbcharades 

1st Prize - Staff 

2nd Prize - Final year 


8) Antakshri 

1st Prize - Final year 

2nd Prize - Post graduates 


9) Make up 

1st Prize - Priya Gupta - Interns 

2nd Prize - Dr. Neelam - Post graduates


10) Canvas Painting 

1st Prize - Dr. Aardra Patil - Staff 

2nd Prize - Dr. Nidhi - Post graduate 


11) Solo Singing 

1st Prize - Shreyas.N. - Interns 

2nd Prize - Advaitha Nair - Interns 


12) Fashion Show 

1st Prize - Final year 

2nd prize - First year 


13) Candid camera 

1st Prize - Hariprasad - Third year 

2nd Prize - Lepakshi Azad - Interns 

2nd Prize - Jidnyasa Bhoir - First Year 


14) Rangoli 

1st Prize - Priyanka Sharma and  Vaishnavi Vanmala - Final Year 

2nd Prize - Tripti and Rigveda - First year 


15) Group Dance 

1st Prize - Final year 

2nd Prize - Interns 


16) Quiz

1st prize - Interns 

2nd prize - Staff


Welcome Social : 18th January 2019

Welcome Social : 18th January 2019

The first year BDS students were welcomed in the college by organizing a Welcome Social Program where the students got a chance to interact and get familiar with the college activities.

Fun games were organized for them followed by dinner in the evening.

NEET Ranker Felicitation

NEET Ranker Felicitation

Parent Teacher Meeting

Parent Teacher Meeting

Friendly Cricket Match

Friendly Cricket Match

Friendly Cricket Match between Kharghar Dental Association Dentist and Bharatividyapeeth Dental College Cricket team

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